What is a Basic Cremation?

In a day an age when everything seems to happen at warp speed it is no wonder that at some point we all hit a wall. Life is all about change and uncertainty. The one thing we can be certain of is that at some point we all face the final planning for a loved one. The question is where do you start.

Scouring the internet you will find a great deal of information available about pre-planning and traditional funeral planning. Unfortunately, little is offered to help those needing immediate planning for those seeking cremation as an option. Cremation is quickly becoming a popular option and it makes sense, it can be far cheeper and cremation offers a wealth of opportunities to memorialize you loved one.

But where you start and what do you need to know about cremation? Well the first thing you need to know is what a BASIC Cremation is.

A basic cremation package consists of the following:
Arrangements made with the family in the most expedient legal manner
Registration and documentation
Transfer of the deceased to the crematory during normal hours
Cremation service by a licensed crematory
Delivery of cremated remains and death certificate(s) to the family’s home
Rigid basic cremation container and basic white box for the ashes
Social Security notifications

Of course any upgrades to this basic cremation package would have to be discussed with a licensed funeral home.
What does something like this cost? Well that is tricky and mostly depends on where you live (or where this cremation would need to take place). Speaking of the location, just because you live in another location doesn’t mean you need to know someone where the services will occur. In fact there is even a place online that will guarantee a rate for basic services AND has already done the pre-interview with the funeral home to ensure the best quality and services.
Cremation Services International serves to put you in contact with a licensed funeral home within our network of providers. It should be noted that they are not a provider of actual cremations or funeral arrangements but they have taken the time to talk with and ensure a price no higher than $995 for the basic cremation. 

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