Finding Space in Cemeteries: What do I need to know about cemetery burial?

Traditional burial is still the top choice for most funeral planning. If you are trying to make funeral arrangements for yourself or a friend or loved one who has recently passed, you may be wondering where to find cemetery plots for sale and what else you will need to purchase for the burial.  There are four basic types of cemeteries.  By understanding each type a little better, you will be able to narrow your search for the best burial place for yourself or a loved one.  Also, if you educate yourself about what other purchases are necessary, you will limit the opportunity for you to be taken advantage of by funeral directors or funeral planning services who may try to overcharge or up-sell you on your funeral arrangement costs.

District Cemetery

A district cemetery is owned by a city, county or other regional government entity.  Sometimes, though certainly not always, a District Cemetery is the most affordable of the public cemetery plots for sale.

Religious Cemetery

A religious cemetery is owned and operated by a particular religious denomination.  For example Christian and Jewish cemeteries are different from one another in issues of custom, design, etc.  Catholic cemeteries are different than many other Christian cemeteries.  Though most religious cemeteries offer cemetery plots for sale, the kind of property available may vary from one religious cemetery to the next.

Private Cemetery

A private cemetery is privately owned by a commercial company or companies.  Some private cemeteries can be religious based and limit burial to those persons of a particular faith.

Veteran’s Cemetery

A veteran cemetery is reserved for the burial of military veterans and, usually, their families.  Usually by contacting the Veteran Administration you can locate burial plots free or very low cost for veterans of the armed forces.

A “cemetery plot” is the term used for the space reserved for the internment of human remains.  This could mean a traditional ground burial plot, space within a crypt or mausoleum, or a niche used for interring cremation ashes.  When you search for cemetery plots for sale, you will need to decide ahead of time which type of cemetery space you will require.

Something to consider when finding a cemetery plot for sale is that location within a cemetery will affect the cost of burial property.  If you can be flexible about where you or your loved one will be laid to rest, you may be able to save money by searching for a cemetery lot that is in a less expensive area of the cemetery.

If choosing to do a ground burial, you will need to know if the cemetery requires you to use a burial liner.  Choose the least expensive option for a liner if you are required to purchase one (the liners are not state mandated, they are required by the cemetery to help limit maintenance issues caused by the settling of the ground), and if you are even given the option.  Not all cemeteries offer, so you may want to ask if you have a choice in the type of liner used.

While headstones or markers are not required, if you do wish to purchase some type of marker for the burial plot, you will want to know what limitations may be set by the cemetery.  Some only allow flat markers, making maintenance of the cemetery easier.  Markers come in a variety of styles and designs, which means they also come in a variety of price ranges.  Choose based on your budget, and remember that this is something that can also be added later.

By learning as much as possible about the costs involved in planning a cemetery burial, you will guarantee not to be taken advantage of or cheated during your funeral planning process.


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